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10 Common Mortgage Mistakes You’re Making

Congratulations! You’re on your way to home ownership. But have you been doing all you can to ensure the smooth sailing of your mortgage approval? From pre-approvals to small decisions, there are many factors to consider when applying for a mortgage. These factors include things like other people, small details, and making purchases before your mortgage completion date. The following is just a snapshot of some factors that could hurt your ability to get a mortgage approved. Download the full guide to explore the full details and avoid these common mortgage mistakes.

Other People

Did you know that other people can affect how much you can qualify for? That’s right! The people in your life might actually be the downfall of your mortgage approval. In this guide, you’ll learn to what extent and how other people can affect your mortgage.

Small Details Aren’t So Small

There are actions that people take thinking they will increase how much they can qualify for when in reality it will only hurt their submission. Even the smallest detail like adding cash to your bank account can thwart your entire approval. There are many small details to be aware of that can impact your mortgage approval, discover how to navigate these waters in the guide.

Making Everyday Purchases

When you mortgage is under approval, the bank and mortgage lenders can – and will – check your credit rating after you think you’re in the clear, and before the final completion date. This new guide explains how everyday purchases or using your credit could result in a negative outcome regarding your mortgage approval, and how to avoid it.