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Cowboys hats, country music, breakfast on every corner and the rodeo; there’s nothing quite like the Calgary Stampede. For 10 full days, the city is engulfed by an electrifying party atmosphere. Downtown professionals toss their ties to make room for cowboy boots and belt buckles.

Between the corporate parties, the rodeo and music, Calgary Stampede certainly has earned the name – Greatest Show on Earth.

Here are 10 fun facts you probably didn’t know about Stampede:

  1. Home Town Pride: 70% attendees are Calgarian.
  2. Animals Care: Each rodeo animal meets with a veterinarian daily to ensure their well-being.
  3. Award Winning:  Not only did the Calgary Stampede win the Alberta Agricultural Society Century Award, but the director of Western Events and Agriculture was recognized with the 2015 Award of Merit as well.
  4. Support of Fine Arts:  Every year artists are encouraged to submit their artwork so that it can be viewed by 100,000+ people.  Winners receive some awesome perks!
  5. U of C Stampede Education:  That’s right, University of Calgary offered a Calgary Stampede class.  I’m sure attendance wasn’t an issue in that course.
  6. A Growing City:  120,000 people come to the Stampede grounds every day, making the Calgary Stampede the 3rd largest city in Alberta for 10 days straight!
  7. World’s Tallest Flagpole:  Originally stood 204 feet (62 metres) high in Indian Village.  It has since been replaced due to rotting wood, but bragging rights still remain.
  8. Worldwide Posters:  The Calgary Stampede is advertised all over the world with more than 20,000 posters distributed across the globe
  9. Canada’s Highest-Grossing Festival:  Whether it’s the show, the clothes, or the breakfast, we’re doing something right.
  10. Volunteerism:  Over 2,300 people roll up their sleeves and dedicate their extra time and energy to this unique event.

There’s a rich history to the Calgary Stampede and that is certainly reflected in our culture. Whether you go to Stampede every year, a first time visitor or haven’t been since you were a kid – there’s something for everyone.

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