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Tim Lacroix finds the best mortgage rates in Calgary for self employed and entrepreneurs. With Tim’s special program your Calgary mortgages are hassle free.

Most Being self-employed offers many advantages, but it can make it more difficult to apply for mortgages in Calgary. This, however, should not deter you from achieving your homeownership goals. As your preferred Calgary mortgage expert, I will guide you through the process and we will find the best mortgage rates in Calgary that are a perfect fit for your unique lifestyle.



With 10 years of experience under my belt of being a Calgary mortgage professional and also as an entrepreneur myself, I know the ins and outs of the entire process from both viewpoints.

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It can be daunting to have someone poke around your personal finances, especially when your income is your own business. When you work with Kardia Mortgages, I want you to feel comfortable knowing that your personal information is viewed objectively and only for the purpose of providing you with the best mortgage rates in Calgary.

In order to help break down the barriers that keep entrepreneurs and self employed individuals like you from attaining homeownership and property ownership, I have developed a program specifically customized to fit your needs. As we work together, we can achieve your property ownership dreams and get you some of the best mortgage rates in Calgary.



Our Entrepreneur Mortgage Program includes:

The goal of our Entrepreneur Mortgage Program is to create a hassle-free environment. Those who are self-employed have a busy lifestyle – we get it! As an entrepreneur, I know how busy life gets which is why I make it easy for you.



A hassle free mortgage approval process


Approvals based on personal credit history


Calculating your mortgage qualification


A wide variety of mortgage types to choose from


Nationwide mortgage options

Let’s work together to secure a self employed mortgage!

Let’s start the approval process and get you that perfect mortgage. Call me today at 403.648.1541 or click the button below.

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