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Below are the main takeaways of Tim’s speech.

When you hear “Doom” this we think of:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Housing Bubble
  • Falling Canadian Dollar

The sky is not falling and it’s not Doom & Gloom!

When one door closes another opens. This is a great time to look at the opportunities in front of you.


Opportunities that have presented itself for business owners within Alberta:

  1. Commercial Spaces:  
  • Increase in Available Space (more choice)
  • Lower rent
  • Re-Negotiate with Landlords (expansion, improvement allowances)

Just like housing market, purchasing a commercial property, likely pricing has decreased as well.

  1. Workforce Talent

Many talented people have been let go which are now available to business’.

Great time for individuals thinking that this is the time to take control and build a business.  A door has opened and you’ve received the push… go for it!

  1. Affordable Housing
  • Buyers Market
  • There are some great opportunities to get into home ownership with decreased home values.
  • Rates remain LOW
  • Investors – great time to buy

Competitive interest rates on Mortgages, LOC’s and Financing

Fixed Rates are at record lows

Mortgages for Business for Self

  • Plan Plan Plan – start Early
  • There are 2 strategies for Business Owners for obtaining a mortgage.
  • There are various lending options

This may be one of the best times to start a business…

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