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As the first year of the global pandemic comes to an end so many things in our lives have changed, but likely one of the most noticeable is how we use our home space. As work from home and social distancing orders have remained in place for much longer than anyone could have anticipated, we have all been compelled to view our space from a very different mindset than a year ago. Through these personal reflections, four clear motivations for why people want to move have emerged. 

1. More Time at Home Means More Space is Needed

When work from home plans were first put into place many people took to the idea as a nice change from the hustle of having to travel to and from work. Memes about dress shirt and sweat pant combos for Zoom meetings took over the internet, and the time and money saved by working from the dining room table became a positive part of the uncertainty everyone was facing. 


However, as days became weeks and weeks become months, with no return to an office in sight, the dining room “office” became very cramped and spaces that once felt like enough suddenly seemed so much smaller than they had felt in March. Many homeowners and renters came to the realization that it was going to be awhile before things returned to “normal”, and that spending more time at home meant that they needed more space.

2. A Dedicated Workspace is Required, But Not Possible in The Current Space

Some people got lucky and already had, or were able to easily create, a dedicated workspace at home. Others were not so fortunate. For most of us, our home has never really had to be a place where we work on constant basis. In our current state it’s very possible that working from home will become the norm and everyone can agree the dining room table office just isn’t going to cut it.


While families have been able to make adjustments for the short term, many have come to the conclusion that their space is not conducive to a long term, dedicated workspace. Instead of trying to fit a square into a circle, moving or purchasing a different home has become the best option for many renters and homeowners.

3. Social Distancing Needs to Be Easier

Last year, social distancing was not term in our vocabulary. Now, it pops up everywhere and plays into so many decisions we make on a daily basis, including where we live. As the pandemic continues to dictate how close we can be to people, many have come to the realization that their current space makes it too difficult to social distance. 

In the past, no one gave a second thought to jumping on a full elevator, sharing a garbage area or parking underground right next to strangers. Now, it’s all people think about as we’re constantly considering the recommended six-foot separation. Homeowners and renters living in close spaces such as condos, duplexes or townhouse complexes have started to contemplate alternative options for making social distancing easier at home. 

4. The Space Needs to Support Mental Health

Covid-19 has taken a toll on many things in our lives including our mental health. While governments and provinces have been working hard to support those struggling with the changes caused by Covid-19, where you live can play a big part into how you feel. Feeling cramped, not having enough private outdoor space or being overwhelmed by work and home life constantly colliding can create its own set of personal challenges.

As mental health continues to be at the forefront of the pandemic, homeowners and renters have started to take stock in how the space we now spend so much time in really can affect mental health. Whether for social distancing, more outdoor space or just a change of scenery, many consider now a great time to make a move to a new home.

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So, if Covid has completely transformed how you feel about your current space and you feel 2021 might be the time for change, speaking to a mortgage broker about the possibilities for a better home is the perfect first step. There are no obligations, calls can happen in a way that is most comfortable for you, and you may find that now is the right time to take that next step. 

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